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Hi, my name is Alex and I am currently creating an oriental themed home brew Pathfinder campaign as well as a post apocalyptic campaign, this page details the oriental one and I will not be running both at a time, which ever one I get more interest in is the one I will run.
*One of the things I need to stress
is that this is all about the players, if the players do not have fun and do not enjoy what I am doing, I will not run either of these. I want to have fun and that’s it, I do not make demands of players saying you must show up every week or we will continue on with out you or you must play for x amount of hours every time because I know life often changes your plans. The first part of these campaigns I am building are somewhat short for a reason, because I want to see if you like the way things are going, and do we continue. To help the players have fun I have built two NPC’s which can be healers Goro / tanks leica allowing the players to play what ever class they choose and not have to worry about needing to pick a class out of necessity, so they can play what they want, how they want.

Why Pathfinder? Well I chose Pathfinder over D&D because it is essentially FREE, you do not need to buy any books and can get all the information you need from Pathfinder rules and with it being very similar to D&D 3.5 most people will catch on very quickly.
*So to get things started this is oriental flavored
, we will not be speaking in terms such as Sensei, or trying to substitute English words for Japanese words while we eat sushi. We will however be playing classes such as Ninja and Samurai, using oriental type weapons and armor as well as delving into some folklore with playable races such as Nezumi (ratlings) and Tengu. I would prefer if all players play alternate races because I really want to stay away from stereo types with the game (no Dwarf / Elf feud etc)

So what I have in mind when players create their characters to have them create two characters, one character level 10 and one level 1, with the two characters having nothing in common except the type of gear they use because as the campaign goes forward players will some times be swapping out one character for another (I will explain this more in detail later)


  • On character creation:
    Your level 1 character will start with their main stat at 18 and will roll 4d6 discarding the lowest roll for the other five stats and your level 10 character will do the same except start with their main stat at 20. I encourage you to make your level 1 character your favorite as we will spend more time playing them then the level 10. If this is the campaign I run we will go over more when we actually start playing. What I really want to do is have the players create a good back story for their characters including problems / conflicts (plot hooks) that we can solve as we play.

When it comes to creating your level 10 character I am going to you start with one magic weapon, one magic armor (or equivalent) and one magic misc item equal to a +3, for example a +2 sword of countering, armor +1 of arrow deflection and a +3 body wrap of mighty strikes. As well as 3 misc magic items under 1,500 GP value.

Your level 1 characters will start with only the clothes on their backs and I will deal out some equipment depending on your background story as well as how to react to some questions I have for you on how your character would react to certain situations. We will be role playing your level 1 character to level 2 when we first start to play that character as to build you up to a functioning party member.

  • On the world:** Heart of the Land
    I have decided on a home brew world because I was unhappy with any references to oriental type locations in the Pathfinder / D&D pre-built worlds. If you watch old black and white Samurai films like Zatoichi, read any Hellboy comics or watch Anime that detail folklore (look here folklore ) you will have a good idea of my vision of things. The idea on the location of the campaign is that it is the inner heart of a continent. With the human cities to the East and the Lords of the Wild (racial types) being from the West, it is somewhat reminiscent of the settlers to America, as the humans have traveled across the sea in search of new lands and found a continent of races they have never encountered before. When such groups meet their is often strife and open warfare over land and resources, this adventure takes place roughly 35 years after a truce has been set in place.


The map I have created of this inner heart is about the size of Alaska. We will be using only the major deities found here: Pathfinder Gods

  • On the rules:*
    I have no change to the rules except that if you play as a class that typically belongs to a social structure such as a clan, you will need to create your own idea’s as you will not be a part of other clans and will need to build your own code of conduct etc. This will affect classes such as Samurai. The only other minor note to the game is that some divine spells do not work such as cure disease, bless, divine favor and a selection of others do not work, (at least not at first) One last thing, in game terms the “Gods curse” disease effectively drains 1 Con permanently per month until death. I will be using hero points and you will start off with one, once you use a hero point it is gone forever, you get one every level and can save up two for a stat increase or feat or you can use 1 to re-roll 1 roll such as stats during character creation or a saving throw that might keep you from death.

If you are interested, please just send me a message using this page and we can actually meet somewhere, talk about my ideas and see if you want to join. I would like to have a minimum of two players but would prefer 3 – 4.

More details:

I have miniatures that I would like to use for battles as well as props such as buildings and things in order to give a better idea of combat. You will not need to purchase or bring any miniatures, I plan on providing all of these materials.

If you view the map you will see many locations are missing and as we discover those locations I will add them to the map or as part of your back story. Before play I will provide a basic knowledge list that the players can reference throughout the game and can add to as they learn more. Since this campaign is mostly plot driven, I want the players to understand what is happening and why it is happening.

Zatoichi the blind swordsman the tale of zatoichi

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