The Story so far…

As the human population from the nearby continent of Umea began to explore the world across the vast ocean they came upon a another continent unknown to them and thus began to build the settlement of Orsha and explore the lands nearby. As they traveled they met new races of creatures they did not know before and as things in history go, warfare over resources, strife and atrocities soon followed. Both sides, the humans and the mixed races dubbed lords of the wild, routinely carried out mass slaughter of one another trying to force out the other side. During one of the last clashes between opposing sides, a terrible discovery was made. The divine powers many had relied on no longer worked, and a new plague swept the land. The Gods disgusted by what they saw, retreated into a self enforced exile, and those gods who would do not do the same were destroyed by the combined might of the others.

Weakened greatly by years of warfare and now a plague with a rare plant based cure. Both sides soon settled into a peace neither wanted. With the seclusion of the gods, many things quickly changed over night, the dead no longer stayed dead, divine magic was ill tempered and as the years go by without the influence of the divine, social orders of people such as monks and priest have disbanded.
35 years later:
A group of secret agents of working under the Kuruma military branch for a man named Grast, who is known as a leader and diplomat between the many ruling parties in the city of Langres. They are out on a mission to determine why the plant known as Dia, a key component to cure what has been dubbed the white plague or “God’s Curse” disease, has suddenly went from rare to almost non existent. Combing the country side for many months only leads them to believe dry weather in a usually tropical area, combined with lightning and other natural phenomena has left the nearby wilderness scorched with many wildfires even though the season begins to wane towards the winter months. They come upon a group of what appear to be Nezumi, Tengu and Kitsune burning a patch of Dia. As the plague cure is needed for all races, destruction of the cure is madness at best. How will our secret agents react to the news that their are people actively destroying one of the most precious resources in the area?
While miles away our other group of individuals struggle in day to day life
Within the small town of Bonn. Always a small farming community based strictly on trade, the once entirely human city is now a mix of races that fled the years of fighting. Only governed by the people, with no military to speak of, a great trouble enters into the scene as the nefarious True Scions comes marching into town, the group itself are known as bigoted humans that follow the old ways of killing non humans on sight.

Our team of people are all awoken by tabor right as dawn begins to break on the 16th day of Solstice as the leaves begin to turn colors. “Hurry get up!” He shakes each person awake, “You need to get out of here, the three rings are recruiting today” As he points out the window, you can see three to four dozen men some carrying flags with three golden rings against a black background, going from house to house and forcing anyone of decent health into the backs of wagons for use as a slave. The time to act is now, your future depends on it.

Further down the rabbit hole

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